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Espoma Organics

  • Emerald Harvest Honey Chome 128oz

    Intensify fragrance and flavor in your plants with Honey Chome®, a resin and aroma enricher from Emerald Harvest®. Designed to enrich your valuable crops with a robust bouquet and plenty of...

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  • Espoma Garden Gypsum - 6lb

    Espoma’s Garden Gypsum loosens heavy clay soils and helps cure turf burns from ice-melters. This soil amendment is pelletized for easy application.

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  • Espoma Organics Rock Phosphate 7.25lb Bag

    Rock Phosphate (0-3-0) boosts the soil's phosphorus level while serving as a great source of calcium and essential trace elements. This slow-release fertilizer provides the phosphorus that plants...

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  • Espoma Organics Slug and Snail 1.25lb

    Earth-tone ® Slug and Snail is a proven snail and slug killer that’s effective, but safe enough to be used around pets and wildlife. Its granules are easy to apply around lawns, flowers,...

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  • Espoma Organics Tomato-Tone - 8 lb

    Tomato-tone is a complex blend of 100% natural ingredients that provides complete & balanced nutrition to tomatoes. Enhanced with beneficial microbes, this long lasting slow-release formula...

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