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Part 2 - The Zen (and Joy) of Gardening - April 2020

Part 2 - The Zen (and Joy) of Gardening - April 2020

Posted by Tom Lanen on 28th Apr 2020

In our last The Zen & Joy of Gardening (Part 1), we touched upon how to start an indoor garden from seeds and clones. Hopefully you've met with success and have a tray of plants sprouting and growing!

Here's what's next.

1. Water 101

First, let's talk a bit about water. Many overlook it, and it may seem very basic, but it's critical to be very aware about this input into your garden, especially if you're growing herbs and the like. Even more so if you're running a hydroponic system.

There're two types: public water and well water. Both can be great, and both can have their own problems.

Town/City Water. Fortunately, most people don't have the issues with their municipal water cities like Flint Michigan have fought, but most will still have high levels of chlorine and chloramine which will impact your plant's health. And, while the EPA determined that chloramine in city water supplies is safe for drinking and plants, they deem it's NOT safe for fish and microbes! Here's the thing ...

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