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The Zen (and Joy) Starting a Garden - March 2020

The Zen (and Joy) Starting a Garden - March 2020

Posted by Tom Lanen on 12th Mar 2020

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March 2020: The Zen (and Joy) of Starting a Garden.

There are few hobbies or avocations as satisfying as gardening. It makes you remember where you are; it calms and focuses your spirit with promise of harvests to sustain you. It's in the grand design of nature true beauty can be found.

You can join in. You see, it's a repeatable process, based in science. And then as you get the sense of it, it becomes an art too. You start small and manageable, with the right gear, and the friendly experts of a good grow supply store at your side. And when you gather your first harvest, you'll experience a true sense of pride, even awe. It's an amazing feeling!

You can do it. Here's how.


1. Plan your growing environment. Think about where you'll establish your garden, indoors and/or outdoors, and about how much time you have to attend it. Starting small makes sense.

For flowers, house plants, and outdoor plant starts, such as tomatoes or squashes, this can be most anywhere in your home that's warm, and there's enough natural sunlight.

However, the more control you have over your grow environment, the more successful you'll be. This is especially true for cannabis, which requires a grow tent or other space where you can mount a grow light and a fan. And most importantly, a tent ensures absolute darkness for 6-12 hours a day, depending on the stage of growth (more on this to come) ‑‑ a totally dark period is as critical to proper plant and flower development as is the right light.

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