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Complete HID Lighting Systems – New Options Available

We are pleased to announce a recent addition to our new website.  We now offer our Complete HID Light Systems in the Indoor Lighting category of our website with many New Options.  You can choose the brand and the wattage of the light package from the available products.  All lights are offered with a Ballast of your choice, a Plantmax HPS Bulb and either a standard open CAP LumeWing Reflector or a sealed Air-Cooled CAP LumenAire 6 Reflector.  Once you have selected a light kit, you will be able to make changes and upgrades on the individual product page by picking from the options that are listed.  The new options are shown below the price and they include the following choices: upgrading the HPS Bulb that is included with the light kit, adding an MH Bulb, adding a Timer and adding a Hanging Kit.  For every change that is made in the options, the price on the page will update to show the total package price.  We hope this new change will make it easier for our customers to choose just the right light kit for their specific needs. Remember, all of our Complete HID Light Kits are price $20 less than buying the individual components, so this is a great way to save a little money while buying your new Grow Light.

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Posted by Ethan