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  • Aptus BloomBoost 500ml

    Flowering plants get ideal nutrition in one small package with BloomBoost! This natural biological stimulant produces multiple bud sites, larger fruit and tastier produce. It’s also chock full...

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  • Aptus EcoZen 500ml

    Enzyme and micro-life booster Ecozen is a powerful blend of enzymes that have different functions. Like ecozen, most enzyme products contain enzymes that keep the root surface clean, remove dead...

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  • Aptus Fasilitor 500ml

    This heavyweight in the Aptus lineup is ultra-concentrated and gets results — now! FaSilitor paves the way for plants to take in the nutrients they need exactly when they need it, helping...

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  • Aptus FinaleBoost 500ml

     This finesse application of potassium (16%) brings plants to peak maturity. FinaleBoost helps established flowers transform into clearly superior fruit — in quality, quantity,...

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  • Aptus Peak Boost 500ml

    Aptus PeakBoost 500ml PeakBoost is a Phosphorous booster that is 100% soluble in water and will not produce residues. PeakBoost contains organic acids and can also help to adjust pH-down for water...

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  • Aptus StartBoost 500ml

    Aptus Startboost liquid concentrate 500 ML bottle. Startboost is 100% organic with bioactive ingredients which encourages the development of the root system and vegetative growth.

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