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CO2 Boost

CO2 Boost Buckets and Refills

  • ExHale 365 CO2

    ExHale 365 CO2

    The ExHale series of CO2 bags are designed to allow CO2 to be available where and when needed - no power required. The patent-pending design utilizes a separation seam that allows spawn pod to remain active and allows for specific timing for CO2...

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  • TNB CO2 Enhancer Refill

    TNB CO2 Enhancer Refill

    TNB CO2 Refill Pack The Enhancer by TNB Naturals now comes in a convenient refill pack! The TNB CO2 Refill Pack will now give growers the ability to reuse their existing Enhancer bottle while saving money and reducing their environmental footprint at...

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  • Exhale Homegrown CO2 Cultivator

    Exhale Homegrown CO2

    The Exhale Homegrown CO2 Cultivator works 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or invest in a complex CO2 system. The vented cultivator unit contains a non-fruiting mycelial mass that produces CO2 continually for up to six months. Because it...

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  • TNB CO2 Enhancer Bottle

    TNB CO2 Enhancer Bottle

    TNB CO2 Enhancer Bottle All natural, 100% organic ingredients, which when activated create a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 ppm in a 12x12x12 area. Activate the Enhancer by simply adding warm water, placing the lid back on and shaking. Its as simple...

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  • XL ExHale CO2 Bag

    Exhale Homegrown XL CO2 Bag

    The XL ExHale CO2 Bag is for medium to large grow spaces. The XL will provide a 6x6 foot or 288 cubic foot space with CO2 for 6 months guaranteed. The XL ExHale comes with a freshness seal that doubles as a hanger. Steady supply of CO2 for 6 months...

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