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Humboldt County's Own

  • Crystal Burst - 32oz

    Humboldt County's Own version of a high potency bloom enhancer with B1. One of the most concentrated bloom enhancers available, 60% stronger than the most popular products on the market, yet costs no more! It induces flowering and stimulates oil &...

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  • HC Deep Breath 32oz

    If you've been impressed by the immediate and powerful effect of G10 on the size and density of your flowers, wait till you add DEEP BREATH to your feeding regimen. Emerald Triangle's honey and vitamin based cocktail, DEEP BREATH, "primes the pump"...

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  • Killer Tea 128oz

    Two years of testing and selecting only the best ingredients possible went into the production of Humboldt County’s Own Killer Tea. This ultra-potent pure worm casting tea with seabird and bat guano is formulated with only two specific seabird...

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  • HC Sonic Bloom 1lb

    Sonic Bloom (0-51-34) + B1, B2, B3 and B6 Looks like Powdered Sunshine!!! Emerald Triangle's ultra-potent PK booster takes it to the next level. 20 times the B1 of other popular PK boosters plus serious amounts of B2, B3, B6 that are missing from others...

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  • Purple Maxx 32oz

    Purple Maxx has been in development for over two years under the name of STACKER. They discovered a combination of organic compounds that would not only encourage plants to "stack" their flowering sites closer together during early flower development but...

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  • HC Crystal Burst 128oz

    Humboldt County's own high potency Vitamin B1 bloom enhancer. Crystal burst is one of the most concentrated bloom enhancers available. It is 60% stronger than most popular enhancers on the market, and works well with all popular nutrient lines.

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