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Humboldt County's Own

  • Crystal Burst - 32oz

    Crystal Burst - 32oz

    Humboldt County's Own version of a high potency bloom enhancer with B1. One of the most concentrated bloom enhancers available, 60% stronger than the most popular products on the market, yet costs no more! It induces flowering and stimulates oil &...

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  • HC Sonic Bloom 1lb

    HC Sonic Bloom 1lb

    Sonic Bloom (0-51-34) + B1, B2, B3 and B6 Looks like Powdered Sunshine!!! Emerald Triangle's ultra-potent PK booster takes it to the next level. 20 times the B1 of other popular PK boosters plus serious amounts of B2, B3, B6 that are missing from others...

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