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    Trim Bin Tray Set | Black

    Trim Bin Tray Set | Black

    Trim Bin Tray Set | Black Engineered design for optimum ergonomics and comfort Wide, rounded edges to prevent wrist pain High walls for a clean and organized work space 150 Micron stainless steel screen Mirror finish collection...

    MSRP: $69.95
    Our Price: $69.95
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  • CannaBrush Trimming Brush

    CannaBrush Trimming Brush

    You might never look at trimming the same after using the CannaBrush™! It’s fast, easy to use, easy to clean, and fun. Simply grab a stalk of properly dried flowers and brush from top to bottom until you’ve reached the desired look. The...

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  • Trim Bin Black - Bottom Only

    Trim Bin Black - Bottom Only

      TrimBin Bottom by Harvest-More Features: 100% recycled materials high, molded walls with comfy arm rests an innovative, ergonomic design smooth mirror-finish surface The Trim Bin Bottom is an excellent option for wet work. Great for...

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  • Harvest More TrimBin Filter

    Harvest More TrimBin Filter

      The Trim Bin Filter features a sorting screen at its base that allows you to quickly separate unwanted sizes and materials into the attached collection bag. The Trim Bin Filter will nest into all other Trim Bins — sold...

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