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Trimming Machines

  • CannaBrush Trimming Brush

    CannaBrush Trimming Brush

    You might never look at trimming the same after using the CannaBrush™! It’s fast, easy to use, easy to clean, and fun. Simply grab a stalk of properly dried flowers and brush from top to bottom until you’ve reached the desired look. The...

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  • Trimbag Dry Trimmer

    Trimbag Dry Trimmer

    The Trimbag collapsible hand-held dry trimmer brings a creative new approach to trimming while maintaining the best of machine trimming standards. With user control and a variety of time saving techniques, Trimbag brings you a truly unique, hands-on...

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  • Twister BatchOne Go Trimmer

    Twister BatchOne Go Trimmer

    The BatchOne Go is the perfect balance of game-changing value, gentle automation and high-end materials.  With an easy-to-remove motor, cleaning the BatchOne Go with a pressure washer is simple and safe. The ultimate home grow dry trimming...

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