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Watering Cans / Sprayers

  • Mondi Deluxe Mist N' Spray 1.2L

    The original was awesome, and now the improved Mondi Deluxe Mist N' Spray is even better! Constructed from heavy-duty plastic and ergonomically designed for safe and comfortable extended use, this premium version features an all-metal pump and nozzle for...

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  • Gro1 1 Gallon (4L) Pump Sprayer

    The Gro1 1 Gallon Pump Sprayer is made from the highest grade polyethylene plastic that resists corrosion from insecticides or herbicides. This light-weight Sprayer is ideal for spraying water, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and more. It can also...

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  • Mondi Premium Mist N' Spray

    This hand sprayer is designed for comfort, efficiency, safety and ease of use, yet is inexpensive enough to always keep around. 1.5 quart size. Superior quality, small capacity tank sprayer designed for use in the garden or the home, this sprayer is...

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  • Mondi Spray Pump Deluxe - 2.0L

    Pump-action pressure sprayer is great for applying pesticides, insecticides, soaps, nutrients or just plain water. Constructed from heavy-duty plastic for long life Ergonomically designed handle Adjustable brass nozzle Holding tank holds 2 L of...

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  • Gro1 64 oz. (2L) Hand Sprayer

    Gro1 64 oz. (2L) Hand Sprayer The Gro1 Sprayer line has a sprayer for every need! Made from the highest grade polyethylene plastic that resists corrosion from insecticides or herbicides, these sprayers are ideal for spraying water, fertilizers,...

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  • Mondi Telescopic Water Wand

    Enjoy comfort while providing the water plants thirst for. The Mondi Telescopic Water Wand features a soft showering head that lets water flow gently to your plants and flowers -- providing a stream that won't damage fragile leaves and stems. The wand...

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  • Spray Bottle Hydrofarm Plastic Sprayer 32oz

    Add this top of the line spray bottle to your tool collection for the garden, kitchen, garage, or hobby pursuits. This 32 oz plastic sprayer features a fully adjustable nozzle as well as a comfort grip handle. Made out of super-strong plastic, the...

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  • Rainmaker Watering Wand 36"

    Rainmaker® Watering Wand with Front Lever Pull and Flow Control makes watering plants easy. Feel the comfort and ease of use with the ergonomic comfort grip handle. By pulling the lever it will allow water to flow and releasing the lever will...

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