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Welcome to New England Hydroponics, the indoor gardening experts.

    We are one of the oldest and largest indoor gardening suppliers in Massachusetts, serving customers coast to coast and around the world.

    In addition to a full selection of hydroponics gardening supplies, systems, and equipment, we have the experience and know-how to show you how to grow, so your garden bounty is the envy of the neighborhood.

    We’re asked all the time “What is hydroponics?” It’s simply growing plants without soil. We use a growing medium like expanded clay to support the roots in a hydroponics system that is able to automatically fertilize and water the plant. Growing with hydroponics is usually done indoors, so we also utilize advanced systems to maximize the amount of light and optimize the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in the grow room.

    Usually the next question is “How do I start an indoor hydroponics garden?”

    If you’re new to hydroponics and just starting your indoor garden, let us recommend an indoor garden starter kit for any space and any budget. Whether you’re growing organic vegetables, flavorful herbs, blooming flowers, seedlings for landscaping, or just about anything else that grows from the ground, we have a complete selection of all the best products and friendly staff to show you how to make it all work for a bountiful harvest.

    If you’re an experienced gardener, count on New England Hydroponics for the latest and greatest technologies from the industry’s most trusted and innovative manufacturers worldwide, shipped to your door at rock bottom prices. Get everything you need from high-tech “smart” grow lights to advanced fertilizers, and complete selections of hoods, fans, mylar film, containers, pumps, timers, CO2, and much, much more. For established growers, ask about bulk discounts on large orders.

    Whether you shop for hydroponics supplies online, or visit our Massachusetts stores in Framingham or Southampton, you’ll find the same full selection, vast inventory, and great prices every day. See our displays and talk to our friendly staff for answers to all your questions.

    For restaurant cooks and nutrition-conscious families, get started with hydroponic ingredients and reach new heights in natural flavor and unprocessed organic goodness that no other supplier can match. See for yourself how sensational your favorite recipe can be with all natural ingredients packed with nutrients.

    Show off your fresh garden and teach your kids to be gardeners with systems suitable for countertop displays, where everyone can watch and see where their next meal is coming from.

    Our mission is to help your indoor garden grow with the very best products, matched with the highest levels of customer service. You’ll never feel uncomfortable in our stores or with our staff. And we thrive on your feedback, so if you have any questions or concerns about anything at all, we are here to help. Please email harvest@nehydro.com or call 1-888-529-9025.

    Give a person organic vegetables and nourish them for a meal. Teach a person to grow organic vegetables, and nourish them for a lifetime.

    I truly hope that you enjoy your neHydro.com shopping experience.

    New England Hydroponics Supplies
    Ethan Holmes
    Founder, New England Hydroponics