Grow-Tech Seedling Flexi Plugs 23x40 - Case of 4000 DRY


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Product Overview

 Quick Plug 4000ct DRY Plugs 23x40

Seedling plugs allow for better water retention, air porosity and less mess on the bench. Get faster turn around times and a more cohesive plug for transplanting.  Works great in the Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine and Bright Agrotech ZipGrow Towers!

These plugs have been dried by the manufacturer for longer storage and more efficient shipping.  They will rehydrate quickly when soaked in water.  

Model #2340

Width = .906" / 23mm

Height = 1.575" /40mm

Hole Size =  7mm

Case Count = 4,000



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review