Light Accessories

  • Blueprint EZGrow Timer 120V, BET-1

    Blueprint EZGrow Digital Timer

    The 24-hour Blueprint EZGrow Timer features dual outlets and digital functionality, as well as a unique integrated option for “grow” or “bloom” cycles. Once the time of day and cycle start time are selected, users simply select...

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  • Hydrofarm Plug Adapter Brand S

    Hydrofarm Plug Adapter Brand S

    The BAASP plug adapts a Hydrofarm fixture/cord set to a "Brand S" ballast We offer a full range of power supply cords as well as adapters to switch from Hydrofarm ballasts to other brands of reflectors, or from Hydrofarm reflectors to other brands of...

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  • BloomBoss Rope Ratchet Light Hangers 2 pack

    BloomBoss Rope Ratchet Light Hangers 2 pack

    Rope Ratchets are a unique, compact hanging system that allows gardeners to secure a wide variety of items quickly and easily. Once they're attached, Rope Ratchets can be adjusted without stretching or tying and untying knots. Simply hook them onto...

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  • HF Power Strip Timer

    More power! Up your amperage without risking blowing an outlet or frying your electronics. Employ the Hydrofarm 8-outlet surge-protected power strip to corral everything you need to stay plugged in. With four timed and four constant outlets, you'll have...

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  • Power Cord 120v for Ballasts

    The 240-volt Ballast Power Cord completes the 120-volt transition on Sunleaves 120/240-volt Luma 3.0 ballasts. Also compatible with CAP Valuline, CAP Harvest Sun, CAP Xtreme, Lumatek & Quantum Ballasts. Cord is eight feet long.

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  • Tri Tap Power Adapter 90 Degree

    Heavy duty adapter that is the ideal solution for safely creating three additional outlets. You can change any single power outlet or any extension cord into 3 standard U-ground outlets when needed.

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  • Active Eye Growroom Glasses

    Active Eye Growroom Glasses

    Active Eye Growroom Lenses with Interchangable Bonus Lenses! See better, grow better. Active Eye Growroom Lenses reduce the red/orange glare from sodium grow lamps so you can see your plants in a more natural light. It's easier to identify pests and...

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  • Autopilot Analog 24hr Recycling Timer Image Autopilot Analog 24hr Recycling Timer Box

    Autopilot Analog 24hr Recycling Timer

    Autopilot Analog 24hr Recycling Timer Precise cycle timer with day/ night detection Controls any application requiring a device to be turned on and off at precise intervals. This timer has a wide range of uses including controlling hydroponic pumps,...

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  • Light Rail 6 ft (Rail Only)

    Light Rail 6 ft (Rail Only)

    The Light Rail 6 foot (Rail Only). This is for the rail only. The complete system is great for maximizing the productivity of a rectangular grow area. Simply mount the rail to the ceiling and place the self propelled motor (not included) on the rail...

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  • Sunleaves HID Cordset Extender - 15'

    This 16-gauge Sunleaves Cordset Extender is 15 feet long and rated for 600-volt operation. Only for use in systems already using 16-gauge cordset cord. The performance of some HID light systems may be hindered by excessive lamp cord lengths.

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  • Grow1 GRUVE HPS Glasses

    Grow1 GRUVE HPS Glasses

    Grow Room Ultra Violet Eliminators (GRUVE) Increase your eyes’ comfort and experience in the harsh conditions of the grow room environment! Protection and style are combined in this affordable pair of Grow Room Glasses, reducing your exposure to...

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  • Light Rail 3.5 - 10 rpm (Motor Only)

    The Light Rail 3.5 Intelli-Drive 10 rpm (Motor Only). This is for the motor only. It can be used to replaced or upgrade your existing motor, or it can be used on a track that is purchased from some place else. The complete system is great for maximizing...

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  • Autopilot HID Controller 4X 30A

    Control multiple lights from one time clock or controller device. Power is wired directly into the four-outlet timer box and all of the outlets are controlled by one 120V trigger cable. All are rated for 30 amps at 120/240 volts. You can plug the trigger...

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