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Light Hangers

  • BloomBoss Rope Ratchet Light Hangers 2 pack

    BloomBoss Rope Ratchet Light Hangers 2 pack

    Rope Ratchets are a unique, compact hanging system that allows gardeners to secure a wide variety of items quickly and easily. Once they're attached, Rope Ratchets can be adjusted without stretching or tying and untying knots. Simply hook them onto...

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  • Hydrofarm Reflector Chain Hanging Kit

    Perfect for hanging reflectors. You get everything you need is one package. No cutting chain off a roll or searching for parts.  Includes: 2 heavy duty, 8' chains 4 "S" hooks 2 heavy duty "J" hooks

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  • Universal Reflector Hangers 2-pack

    This Hanging Hardware is universal and fits most standard light reflectors Dependable construction means customers won’t have to worry about the stability of their lights. Includes two metal hangers.

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  • FLORAGEAR™ Rope Ratchets

    FLORAGEAR™ Rope Ratchets

    Pack of 2 ratchets ideal for hanging FLORA X™ Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Systems. Fully adjustable for various stages of garden growth. • 1/8" x 6' Adjustable Rope • Locking Carabiner Ratchets • 150 lbs. Weight Capacity...

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  • T5 Designer Hangers

    These sturdy wire hangers are replacements for the hangers included with all Agrobrite Designer T5 fixtures (FLP series). They can also be used with FLT series fixtures.

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