Plastic Pot Kord 4" Square Green

Kord Pots

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Product Overview

High grade polypropylene. Thinwall (T/W) pots give you the well-known flexibility and durability of consistently colored prime polypropylene. All pots are compatible with your preferred watering methodhand, drip-tube, ebb and flow, or capillarythanks to Dillen's new drainage pattern on the container bottom.

The traditional thinwall (T/W) features a broad rim and a larger soil capacity, similar to the older traditional style containers that were prevalent before the introduction of down-sized thin-wall pots. They are the perfect compromise between old and new, offering all the features of a traditional style pot at a thinwall price.

4in W x 3.5in H - Max Liquid Volume: 1.36pt



(No reviews yet) Write a Review