Impello Tundra 2.5 Gallon

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Product Overview

Tundra is a state-of-the-art hybrid fertilizer that combines the best natural and intensive plant inputs into one dynamic biostimulant product. Tundra promotes flower and fruit development and quality in fast-growing specialty crops High levels of phosphorus and potassium provide the crop with critical nutrients to promote flower set and uniform development while Tundra's unique biostimulating compounds enhance plant vigor, nutrition, and quality.

Tundra can be used with beneficial soil microbes and other biostimulants and is compatible with all media types. Its high buffering capacity, near-neutral pH, and entirely soluble composition make Tundra ideal for use both indoors and out in all types of irrigation systems. When used as part of a complete crop nutrition program, Tundra will maximize quality and yields while ultimately improving the crop's flavors and fragrance.

Impello Biosciences Tundra Facts

  • Significantly Improves Fruit, Flower Development, & Quality Characteristics
  • Can Be Used In Conjunction With All Conventional & Organic Fertilizer Programs
  • Compatible With All Irrigation/Fertigation Systems
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Impello Biosciences Tundra Dosage/Application Rate(s)

Tundra promotes crop development and quality while reducing the need for conventional inputs and growth regulators. Tundra should typically be applied as a root drench beginning at the flowering (reproductive) stage of plant growth.

For optimum results, use Tundra at least bi-weekly while plants are flowering and/or fruiting.


  • Lite: 5mL/gallon
  • Recommended: 10mL/gallon
  • Heavy: 20mL/gallon


  • Lite: 1 gallon / acre
  • Recommend: 2 gallons / acre
  • Heavy: 4 gallons / acre

Impello Biosciences Tundra Use & Application

Shake Well! Contents can settle naturally. Apply Tundra one to three times per week in conjunction with a typical fertilization program. Begin using TundraTM at the onset of the flowering cycle and continue use through the flowering/fruiting stage. Discontinue use 1-2 weeks prior to harvest for best results. For use indoors or outdoors with hydroponic, soilless, and soil-based media. Tundra can be tank-mixed with aqueous nutrient solutions and/or applied directly to plant roots at the recommended rates. TundraTM is non-phytotoxic and compatible with most microbial inoculants, pesticides, and fungicides when applied at the recommended rates; however, always confirm compatibility with a jar test and apply to a small section of the crop before mixing and applying large volumes.

Impello Biosciences Tundra Storage

Tundra should always be stored in a cool, dry location in a sealed container. Exposure to high heat and humidity is not recommended. Tundra is shelf-stable for at least 24 months.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review