Monster Mushroom All-in-One Grow Kit

Monster Mushroom

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Product Overview

Monster Mushroom Company is proud to offer our Mono Tub Mushroom Grow Kit.

  • Weighs 15 lbs
  • 20 x 20 x 24 in
  • Beginning starter kit for mushroom growers

This Magic Mushroom Growing Kit is the best kit for growing mushrooms. This mushroom kit for sale has many benefits, including its extra large size, which can produce four to six mushroom grow crops. This All-In-One Mushroom Kit contains:

  • Sterilized multigrain 2 part grain spawn bags (1 lb each) x 4
  • Sterilized blended fruiting substrate, perfect for growing at home x 2
  • 54 Quart custom mono-tub that can be used for incubation and fruiting
  • ‘Clean Pak’ of gloves/surgical mask/alcohol prep pads
  • One spray bottle for water and one bottle containing 70% sanitizing spray
  • Drying, Curing and Storage system
  • Digital Hydrometer/Temperature Gauge
  • Micro polyfill for air filtering

If you are looking to get started in mushroom farming, you can’t beat this all-in-one, at-home mushroom grow kit. Affordable and inclusive, you’ll love the fact you won’t have to buy anything else. 

  • *Contains gourmet oyster mushroom spores. Does NOT contain psilocybin spores


(No reviews yet) Write a Review