Monster Mushroom All-in-One Grow Bag 3lb

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Product Overview

Monster Mushroom Company is proud to offer our All In One Mushroom Grow Bag.

  • Affordable mycology supplies
  • Mushroom cultivation made easy
  • Perfect for beginning mushroom farmers

Our all-in-one 3 layer Super Mushroom Grow Bag, features a layer of finely ground starter substrate (similar to BRF cake), a hydrated layer of our four-grain mix (rye, oats, millet, and wheat), and then a final layer of hydrated coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, and Worm Poo. Inject your favorite spores through the port and watch the magic begin. Mix up after 50% colonization and fruit in a tent, tub, or in the bag, and watch your mushrooms grow! Begin your mushroom farm with this All In One Mushroom Grow Bag. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review