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What do the Experts at New England Hydroponics Use?

  • Fox Farm Ocean Forest Organic Soil 1.5cf

    Ocean Forest is a unique potting soil that combines the best fertilizers found on land with the finest sea ingredients available. The result is a rich, light, organic potting soil that encourages healthy root growth and leafy foliage. Ocean Forest...

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  • Root Pouch - 5 gallon w/handles - 10 pack

    Root Pouch Fabric Containers Root Pouch lasts for multiple seasons of gardening and will generally begin to break down after about 3 to 5 years. They are designed to allow roots to breathe. Root Pouches are not tapered like plastic pots, so they stand...

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  • Bluelab pH pen

    The Bluelab pH Pen is a handy option for hobby and small scale hydroponic growers. Maintaining proper pH levels is key in raising healthy, fruitful plants, and this pen accurately measures both the pH and temperature in your hydroponic system. It also...

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  • Superoots #7 Air-Pot

    SOIL GROWERS' FAVORITE This 7 gallon equivalent Air-Pot is excellent for transplanting seedlings and cuttings from smaller containers. Plants can be kept for one to two seasons before transplanting into a larger pot, or directly in the garden. This pot...

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  • Buddha's Tree PK 9-18 1L

    Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 increases plant uptake of nutrient and the plants natural oils and sugars making the plant grow to its full potential, meaning heavier yields and more intensely potent crops. It achieves this by breaking down enzymes in the roots of...

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  • Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer 4 lb

    Happy Frog All-Purpose (5-5-5) is a slow-release formula that’s great for just about every plant. It’s pH-balanced, ready to use out of the bag, and it’s packed with fertilizers like bat guano and bone meal in addition to mycorrhizal...

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  • Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Soil 1.5cf

    Where growing cannabis and medicinal marijuana is legal, growers have discovered the tremendous results of  using Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Growers Mix! A complex “super soil” designed for high performance growing in containers and...

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  • Secret Jardin Monkey Fan 30w Grow Tent Fan

    Monkey Fans are the perfect product to keep air circulating throughout your crops. Whether growing in tents or rooms, you can hook these monkey fans on quickly, and regularly adjust their height. With a fit of 0.63-0.83 inches, the monkey fan hook allows...

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  • Eye Hortilux BLUE 1000 watt MH Bulb (HOR)

    Hortilux 1000 watt BLUE Metal Halide Horizontal Lamp with clear glass envelope. This Metal Halide lamp revolutionizes lighting for plant growth! It is designed to provide a fully balanced light spectrum that replicates natural sunlight. The Hortilux BLUE...

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  • Photosynthesis Plus 32oz

    Photosynthesis Plus by MICROBE Life Hydroponics is a breakthrough in biology and biophysics once thought impossible to achieve. By driving and accelerating the processes that contribute to overall plant vigor, Photosynthesis Plus will accelerate your...

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  • Green Cleaner 4oz

    Green Cleaner kills spider mites and their eggs, predatory mites, aphids, white flies, broad mites and russet mites on contact. Unlike other pesticides, mites cannot become immune to Green Cleaner. This all-natural, 100 percent concentrate product can be...

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  • Growcentia Mammoth P, 250mL

    Directions for use 1. Shake bottle well before each use. 2. Mix with water following the application rate table. FOR BEST RESULTS, USE WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF PURCHASE. General Use / Purpose of product MAMMOTH P is specifically...

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  • Nectar for the Gods One Shot Granules, 4 lb

    One Shot Granules is a fertilizer blend composed of natural ingredients, ideal for super soil style gardening. The ingredients are ground into fine powders and held together with a molasses binder in small pellets. The molasses activates and encourages...

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  • NextLight Mega LED Grow Light

    NextLight Mega LED Grow Light

    Tested and Proven to be the Most Efficient We are proud to be one of the only grow light manufacturers with an L90 life rating of greater than 40,000 hours. This distinction makes the NextLight Mega one of the most efficient and longest lasting...

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  • Hortilux Ceramic HPS SE 600 Grow Light

    Hortilux Ceramic HPS SE 600 Grow Light

    The SE 600 grow light system is designed to maximize the performance of 600 watt EYE HORTILUX grow lamps. This system focuses 20% more of the light to the target area than our nearest competitor to enhance the performance of the lamp and maximize plant...

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  • Marrone Bio Innovations Regalia CG 1 gal

    All natural biological plant extract to boost the plant defense mechanisms against certain fungal and bacterial diseases to improve overall plant health. Outstanding results controlling powdery mildew. Use as a dip for transplants and drench the root...

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  • Marrone Bio Innovations Regalia CG 32oz

    All natural biological plant extract to boost the plant defense mechanisms against certain fungal and bacterial diseases to improve overall plant health. Outstanding results controlling powdery mildew. Use as a dip for transplants and drench the root...

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  • Speedee Trim w/ Piranha Blade

    Shorter blade length for optimal control. Thinner blades for cleaner cuts also facilitate the ability to get into even tighter places than any of the other models. Custom forward angled tip allow the user to manicure with near surgical precision. Smaller...

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